Fast & Accredited Legal DNA Testing

Whilst performing a legal DNA test might appear daunting due to the strict protocols required, at EasyDNA we make this whole experience much easier as we will guide you through the process, provide you with all you require to perform the test, and also assist you with organising your sample collection through our approved Samplers.

All our legal DNA testing and immigration DNA testing is provided through our partner laboratory which is approved by the United Kingdom Home Office and listed by the Ministry of Justice as an approved supplier. It is important that if you are directed by the court under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969, to select a DNA testing company that is listed on the MOJ for the test results to be accepted.

Once your DNA samples are processed, a copy of the test results will first be sent by email within 3-5 working days. All paternity tests are performed by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory which has performed over 300,000 DNA tests to date. You can, therefore, rest assured that your test is being performed under the strictest of guidelines.

How are samples collected?

A legal test must follow strict chain of custody procedures. Samples are collected by an independent third party such as a doctor, lawyer or registered nurse. This person is known as a sampler. Samplers and are responsible for verifying the identity of the parties being tested and ensuring optimal DNA sample collection. The client is responsible for making an appointment with a registered sampler and paying any related fees. The price for the Legal Paternity Test is £289.

When ordering with EasyDNA you can benefit from a home appointment with one of our independent and approved samplers. Once the booking is made the samplers will visit your location to take the sample under the necessary protocols. This service is not included in the price of the DNA test. You can book this service when placing the order for the legal test. A standard fee of £125 is charged at checkout but prices may end up varying according to your location. For a visual guide on how your samples will be collected visit our sample collection guide HERE.

What paperwork will I need?

1. Every test participant must have 2 passport-sized photos. The photos must be clear, in colour and show the entire face, unobstructed by any hair, hats or anything else that can make identification difficult. The sampler will need to endorse these photos.

2. Each person must provide a form of identification that is recognised under UK law; such forms of identification include birth certificates, passports, Army identification card and so forth.

3. EasyDNA provides a sampling kit that we will deliver directly to your sampler. This legal kit will contain all the necessities including the consent forms.

At EasyDNA we offer legal DNA testing on all our DNA paternity and relationship tests. If you have any questions about your case we recommend you Contact Us directly to discuss your case and guide you accordingly.

Further questions about legal DNA testing

Legal DNA testing and the UK Ministry of Justice
Solving parentage issues
Choosing the right company

Legal DNA testing and the UK Ministry of Justice

For legal DNA testing to be legally admissible in the UK, the laboratory carrying out the test must be accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Courts have a statutory power to direct scientific legal DNA testing to establish the parentage of a child under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. Disputes of parentage arise for many different reasons. An example of a typical case may be a person denying they are a child’s father and therefore are not liable to pay child maintenance.

Solving parentage issues

Legal DNA testing can be used to solve issues of parentage in cases where one parent is contesting the issue. You may need to fill in a declaration of parentage. The Child Support Agency (CSA) and the Child Maintenance Service can use DNA testing to solve disagreements about parentage. The costs will always be incurred by the test participants although in exceptional circumstances you may request a refund or a fee exemption. A DNA test will establish the probability that the parent tested is the biological parent of the child. The probability results in a legal DNA test can be either of 0% in cases where the alleged parent is not the biological parent or 99.99% in cases where the tested parent is the biological parent.

Choosing the right company

If you are going to use your legal DNA testing results in court you will need a DNA testing company that the CSA or Child Maintenance Service has approved. You need to make sure that your test is done through an approved company as otherwise; you risk your legal results not holding up. Moreover, everyone involved in the test must agree that all steps were followed and that the results thus reflect the true relationship (or absence thereof) between the people tested.


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