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KENT, United Kingdom – 18/03/16 – EasyDNA introduces its latest ancestry testing service, the BritishDNA test – a test specifically targeted at mapping one’s British heritage and aimed at individuals of British descent who want to know more about their British roots.

The launch of the test is in line with the company’s mission of expanding its current portfolio of ancestry tests in order to meet the current trends in this field of DNA testing. The demand for ancestry testing services has risen steadily over the years as confirmed by a company representative who stated, “Ancestry testing has become a big market and generated interest across all strata of society. Many individuals want to trace their roots and hone in on their geo-genetic ancestry. People want to find links between their DNA and the geographical regions from which their ancient ancestors originated. The BritishDNA test is not just any generalized ancestry test – it a very niche service which targets a small but specific and well-defined segment of our client demographics”.

The latest DNA test provides results which are divided into 7 sections; the fatherline which specifically analyses a person’s paternal genetic heritage, the motherline which specifically analyses a person’s maternal genetic heritage, a section known as “All my ancestry” which gives a generalized ancestry overview linking the individual’s DNA to geographical regions. Also included are 3 other sections which are the baldness test, a DNA test which will indicate your genetic propensity to hair loss, the blue eye genotype test, and the red head test, which will show whether you carry any of the red hair gene variants often associated with Britain. Samples are collected using a simple home sample collection kit requiring just a spit sample from the interested party and results are ready in 8-10 weeks.

On a concluding note, EasyDNA states that “the search for your ancestry is the search for a part of your identity. This is a deep ancestry test that will enable clients to uncover the epic journey of their ancient ancestors from their origins to Britain’s s shores. It is a really unprecedented way of discovering your roots, specifically your British roots, giving you information that no traditional amount of ancestry research could reveal”.

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international organization at the forefront of DNA testing companies offering the widest range of DNA tests currently available.  EasyDNA now operates through an international network of offices in over twenty countries, offering clinical testing, parental testing, relationship testing and many other tests.


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